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Cristina Nuñez’s first workshop for facilitators was held in 2012 in Milan. Since then she has trained 37 facilitators, and many others are interested in using SPEX with others. Some of the 37 are part of the SPEX team. Click on the map to discover the nearest facilitator to you, or find the facilitator list below to explore their pages.

Cristina Nuñez – The Self-Portrait Experience Association (ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH)

Lucia Alessandrini (ITALIAN)

Fabiana Cioni (ITALIAN, ENGLISH)

Chiara Digrandi (ITALIAN, SPANISH)

Toni Galitó (SPANISH)

Irene Mastrocicco (ITALIAN)

Paolo Luppino (ITALIAN)

Marilena Pisciella (ITALIAN)

Rosy Sinicropi (ITALIAN, ENGLISH)