“My dad was an entrepreneur, and wanted me to work in his company, but I never did. I’ve always been a free-lance, so I’ve never worked as an employee. Having never experienced this, I am interested in what it means to work in a company, but also what it takes to be a ‘good’ leader. And, above all, what happens to people’s emotions and needs in the corporate world”. Cristina Nuñez

Cristina Nuñez held SPEX workshops in companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi (Milan), Watson Wyatt (Milan), Danone (Milan), Italfondiario (Rome and Milan), Banca del Mezzogiorno (Matera), Marketing Forum (Milan), Mida (Milan), Future Concept Lab (Milan), Muksumanki (Turku), Telefonica (Barcelona) and SDA Bocconi School of Management. She also held individual SPEX sessions with executives in collaboration with executive counsellors Serenella Sala (Milan) and Olga Marsó Roura (Barcelona).

These experiences have brought her to build a special project for the corporate world: Portrait Insights. The video above is about a Portrait Insights workshop and event that she held for 80 leaders of Telefonica in Barcelona, Spain.

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