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WE EXIST, the online exhibition

Public engagement with self-portrait helps mirror back a mutual sense of humanity which supports identification rather than disassociation and alienation.  WE EXIST is a collaboration between Spanish artist Cristina Nuñez, […]

Wonderland, the art of becoming human

This is the 5 minute version of “Wonderland: the art of becoming human” by Amanda Ravetz, a film about art, utopia and recovery from addiction, but also about my method The Self-Portrait […]

“WE EXIST”, self-portraits in Norwegian prisons

This is a project of artistic collaboration between Spanish artist Cristina Nuñez, a group of students the Oslo Fotokunstskole and inmates (men and women) of three Norwegian prisons: Bredtveit, Ila […]


The project #CLOSEtoME: Artist Cristina Nuñez presented her work and her method to 10 high school classes in Milan and its province, selected by the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Cinisello […]

UNCOOL: Nuñez new video work about addiction recovery

Participants remained alone in the studio in front of the video camera for about 2-3 minutes without speaking, focusing on their emotions, trying to let them out, to express the […]


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