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SOLD!!! Richard Avedon – James Baldwin “Nothing Personal”. McLelland & Stewart, 1964. Hardcover in slipcase. 300 euro
Sam Haskins “Five Girls”. Crown Publishers, 1962. 1st ed. Hardcover, jacket is lost. Worn outside but good inside. 150 euro
Irving Penn “Momenti”. Irving Penn’s very first book!!! First Italian edition. Domus (Milano), 1960. Hardback. 300 euro
Larry Clark “Tulsa” Grove Press Books, 1971-2000. Worn outside, good inside. 60 euro

SOLD!!! Sophie Calle “Doubles-jeux” Actes-Sud, 1998. 50 euro
SOLD!!! Sophie Calle “Douleur Exquise” Actes-Sud 2003. 30 euro. Hardback
SOLD!!! Richard Avedon “Portraits”. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1976. Paperback. Worn cover, good inside. 150 euro
SOLD!!! Tony Mendoza “Ernie, a photographer’s memoir” Capa Press, 1985. Worn cover, good inside. 30 euro
SOLD!!! Tony Mendoza “Stories” Atlantic Monthly Press, 1985. Worn cover, good inside. Paperback. 100 euro
Hellen Van Meene. Box of portraits of Japanese girls. 30 39x39cm C prints. 200 euro
Cindy Sherman & Jürgen Teller “Ohne Titel” for Marc Jacobs. Steidl, 2006. Perfect inside. 30 euro
SOLD!!! Alfredo Jaar “Let there be light: the Ruanda project”. Actar, 1998. 80 euro
Alfredo Jaar “Studies on Happiness 1979-1981” Actar, 1999. 50 euro
Shirana Shahbazi “Goftare Nik”. Codax Publishers, 2001. Perfect inside. 100 euro
Tomoko Sawada “School Days”. Seigensha, 2006. Hardback, first edition. Signed by the artist. 200 euro
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin “Spirit is a bone”. Mack, 2015. Hardback. 18 euro.
Bertien Van Manen “East Wind”. DeVerbeelding Publishers, 2001. Paperback, 180 euro
Bertien Van Manen “Beyond Maps and Atlases”. Mack, 2016. 20 euro
Daniele Tamagni “Gentlement of Bacongo”. Trolley, 2009. Signed by the author. 100 euro
SOLD!!! Gilles Peress “Farewell to Bosnia”. Scalo, 1994. Hardcover. 100 euro
Don McCullin “Sleeping with Ghosts”. Vintage, 1995. 50 euro
Life “50, 1936-1986 : the First Fifty Years” 20 euro
Irving Penn “Cranium Architecture”, exhibition catalogue Pace/McGill NYC 1988. Very worn outside, very good inside. 50 euro
Ralph Gibson “Deus Ex Machina”. Taschen, 1999. Worn outside, good inside. 30 euro
Edward Steichen “The Bitter Years: the farm security administration photographs”. Thames and Hudson, 2012. Very good condition. 25 €
Vivian Maier “A photographer found”. Harper Design, 2014. Only the jacket is not in perfect condition. 20 euro
Craigie Horsfield “Of the deep present”. Masi Lugano, 2016. Good condition. 50 euro
Jean Pigozzi “A short visit to the planet earth”. Aperture, 1991. 30 euro
Tracey Moffat “Between Dreams and Reality”. Skira, 2007. 20 euro
Tom Hunter – Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2003. Perfect inside. 20 euro
Carole Fékété . Prix fondation CCF – Actes Sud, 2001. 10 euro
Regina José Galindo, “Estoy Viva”. Catalogue of the PAC Milan exhibition, 2014. Out of print. 100 euro
Albrecht Tübke “Portraits” Verlag F Mode Kunst, 2006. Out of print. 100 euro
Loretta Lux “Ritratti immaginari”. Contrasto, 2005. Good condition. 20 euro
Amanda Tetrault “Phil and Me”. Trolley Books, 2004. Hardcover. 30 euro
SOLD!!! Susan Bright “Art photography now”. Thames & Hudson, 2005. 20 euro
Thomas Chable “Salomé”. Le Caillou Bleu, 2012. Good condition. Out of print. 60 euro
Thomas Krempke “Das Flüstern der Dinge” Edition Patrick Frey, 2017. Hardback. Perfect condition. 45 euro
SOLD!!! Corinne Lemieux “En cours de route”. Centre Sagamie, 2010. 20 euro
Nocturnes, by AM Projects. Dienacht Publishing, 2012. Out of print, 100 euro
Philippe Terrier-Hermann “Fascination – Romans”. Artimo, 2002. 10 euro
SOLD!!! Leone Nani “Cina Perduta”, Skira, 2003. 25 euro
Paradise, edited by Patrick Rémy. Steidl, 2000. Contains two photographs by Cristina Nuñez. Signed by Nuñez. 30 euro
SOLD!!! 1000 nudes – Uwe Scheid collection. Taschen, 1994. Paperback. 20 euro