· Art’s main goal is social. With THE SELF-PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE, anybody can use
their own pain –instead of avoiding it- to build a work which is useful
for mankind. THE SELF-PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE allows anybody to explore
unknown aspects of the self and experience the intense creative process,
under the artist’s guidance.

In the self-portrait we are author, subject and spectator. The dynamics
of “gazes” between the three roles stimulates our higher self, which
expresses itself through the language of art and iconography.

The triple role of the self-portraitist intensifies the relationship
between the artist and the spectator. It’s as if the artist was saying
“This concerns you personally and deeply”.

We are living in an age of suffering. Pain is a sort of door to true
knowledge and can be transformed into art. This process is extremely
liberating and empowering: that’s why so many people take self-portraits

The self-portrait is the only possible image of the creator of that
image, in the precise moment of the creation of the image. It is the
portrait of our creative self, of our higher self.

We all possess a higher self, even those who, because of their
ostracism, seem to have forgotten it. Our encounter with our higher self
by means of the self-portrait is a decisive moment.

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