To understand THE SELF-PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE, please watch Cristina Nuñez’s videos, SOMEONE TO LOVE and HIGHER SELF.

SOMEONE TO LOVE brings together for the first time the best self portraits taken by Spanish artist Cristina Nuñez during her life. The voice of the author accompanies the viewer through her family history and childhood, her troubled adolescence as a heroin addict and the evolution of her self-image, her relationships and the discovery of the self-portrait as a tool for self-therapy. The last sequence shows the project on her mother’s life, including collaborative self-portraits and family pictures, until her last breath.

The video HIGHER SELF is a presentation of the neohumanist philosophy of Cristina Nuñez, her innovative method and her vision of art as a powerful tool for social activism.

The video is a self-interview in which Nuñez exposes her ideas and methodology, giving the instructions for the “emotions exercise” and showing some of the collaborative self-portraits produced during her workshops.

Everybody possesses a Higher Self, even those who, because of their ostracism, seem to have forgotten it.

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The method in prisons