Welcome to the EMOTIONAL REVOLUTION upload page

If you wish to submit your photographs and videos:

1 – Please read the page Emotional Revolution and see the recommended videos in our Youtube channel.

2 – Upload your images or videos using the links below. If your images are accepted, they will be part of the online exhibition starting in September. You will receive a notification of these results.

3 – Clicking on “submit” your images or videos, you declare that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, so please read them!

Selection criteria

We will select images that are authentic self-portraits, not selfies:

  • images that reveal human authenticity and emotional expression
  • images that are not produced to conform to the market’s standards of beauty
  • images that show an artistic intention
  • images that are not offensive or violent. Artistic nudity is allowed, and we are especially interested in images in which the body also expresses emotions.

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