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  • The Self-portrait Performance is Cristina Nuñez’s empowering corporate training method, with the use of the photo self-portrait.
  • With Cristina Nuñez’s method, everyone is able to produce a work of art. The creation of one’s own image is always successful, since it shows our intimate humanity: no matter what comes out of the picture, we all express both vulnerability and inner strength, the innate determination to affirm our existence and accept ourselves as we really are.
  • The Self-portrait Performance has a huge impact on self-esteem. Objectifying our own image opens a space for greater awareness and acceptance of the self, with immediate effects on performance.
  • The process enables us to discover our personal and professional charisma, the qualities and capabilities specific to each individual.
  • It makes for better decisions, with a clearer insight into our priorities and our goals at a given moment in our professional and personal lives.
  • Group sharing of the path towards reaffirmation of the individual encourages people to open up, powerful bonds are forged between participants, enhancing interaction and personal behaviour throughout the organisation.
  • The experience produces a deeper awareness of personal and group identity and encourages the integration and growth of the individual within the team.