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Canon Eos 7D, with battery, battery-charger, neck strap. Little used. 400 euro
Mamiya 645AFD with two digital backs, polaroid back. Used but functioning perfectly. 1000 euro
My Rolleiflex, perfectly functioning except the light meter. This is the Rolleiflex I have used from 1988 to 2006, like here. With additional close-up lens. The case needs sewing. 2000 euro
Gitzo G1227 MK2 carbon fiber tripod without head, 200 euro
IMac 2011, well kept, perfectly functioning. 300 euro
Lowepro trolley, used (it has a stain inside). Measures 45 height x 34 wide x 22 depth: 70 euro + shipping expenses
Lowepro camera bag, used. Inside measures: 33x20cm External 53x30x25, 5 external pockets: 50 euro + shipping expenses