•          The course involves several phases which can be alternated and structured in different ways depending on the members of the group and their specific needs.

•          These include an introduction to the practice self-portrait, a guided walkthrough the actually shooting process, viewing and discussion of the images produced and finally the identification and analysis of the themes that emerge.

•          The methodology and its significance is illustrated with the help of examples to ensure that participants adopt the correct approach and get the most out of experience.

•          The shooting phase involves a series of tasks which help the participants explore their individual identity. Another module deals with self-portraits of one’s relationships.

•          Finally discussion, sharing and choice of the works of art is key to consolidating and constructively channelling the stimuli and discoveries that come out of the experience.

The photographs will continue to inspire and communicate people’s sheer humanity after the course. They can be displayed in the offices, company gallery or in a special area of the intranet.

The process is even more powerful if repeated once a year, to show the real evolution in the individuals and the team.