my self-portrait in Salemi (Sicily), taken with The Economist, my travelling companion


Dear Self-portrait Blog readers,

It's been a very hectic two months, from the beginning of February until now I've been in Tampere and Turku (Finland), New York and Salemi (Sicily). I've held self-portrait workshops, presentations and lectures on the self-portrait, and in these last days I've been working as a 'normal' photographer for a Swiss magazine in Sicily, although still managing to present my self-portrait project and have people take their own portraits with my camera. Between my journeys  I've even managed to photograph for two minor ad campaigns and hold a self-portrait workshop in Milan's prison, the results of which you will soon see in this blog. Last year I got very little work from clients, and I was beginning to be really worried, but I had the opportunity to work hard on the self-portrait project (the book, this website, my own art work) and promote it in Italy and abroad, so the seeds I planted last year seem to begin to grow now. I hope this is not one of those brief ups followed by the long downs...! I know that I must be careful not to take things for granted and continue working hard and passionately as usual. But let's see what happens!

In these busy months I have produced wonderful material to show you, but I am waiting for the necessary authorisations for the publication in this blog. Keep visiting, soon my articles on the workshops held at Milan's San Vittore prison and the Women's Health Center in Brooklyn for hiv positive women, and Salemi's mayor's self-portrait will be published here.

warm regards to all

Cristina Nuñez