Diana is my 17 year old daughter. Her work is about the two worlds she lives in, her mother’s and her father’s, both photographers.

Her mother’s world is wintry, inspires introspection. In these pictures, Diana talks about what she needs to tell me, because it is hard for her to say it with words: her feelings about her parents' separation 10 years ago, her inner world, her future, all emotions she has learned to deal with on her own, but now find expression in her photographs.

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Her father’s world is summery, warm, playful. Communication becomes easier because they have a similar character, there is more aperture towards the world, more wellbeing, even though Diana carries her introspective mood with her. In that context the body blossoms in a sensual mood, her dreams become suggestive images –which the imperfect lens of her LOMO camera Diana + intensely captures.


The pineapple bush appears as a huge yellow flower which seems to gobble up the faraway seated man. An African mannequin announces animist rituals with the forces of earth and nature. A little cart and horse wait in the seaside. A sad puppy immerged in the blue morning light reminds her of the dogs she lost. To see her father alone thinking or diving into the sea. Intensely poetical images, dense of significance.



Being in the middle of the two worlds, between father and mother, is painful, but Diana is “standing on top of the fallen tree trunk” as the poem given to her by her beloved teacher Alberto, of the Rudolf Steiner school in Milan. Young Diana, the warrior, the Goddess of Hunt, guided also by him, has become the union of both worlds.  

During and after the workshop, Diana started to photograph regularly. Her work "Adrenaline" was nominated by MOBILE CITY (a digital exhibition by teenagers from Milan and Toronto, for info click here). She is currently working on a book on her work.