Luna Coppola and Sara Ballerini are a gay couple who have produced a documentary called, in Italian "Predica bene, razzola male" (To talk the talk, but do not walk the walk), about the lack of rights and recognition of common-law couples in Italy, mainly due to the Vatican's influence in the Italian Government and its laws. 

They have interviewed several couples -gay and non-gay-, politicians and opinion leaders about the problem, who point out the fact that for the Italian law only heterosexual married couples are considered a family and that all the other couples or families are not recognized and cannot claim the same rights. One of them, a gay man, talks about the fact that, when his companion was in coma, about to die, he could not talk for him regarding the patient's will to donate his organs, because he had no legal family relationship.

At the moment in Western Europe, only Italy, Ireland and Greece do not recognize common-law couples, but Ireland and Greece are already preparing new laws on the subject, whereas Italy will probably remain the only country in Western Europe who does not recognize around 3.000.000 couples who live together without regular marriage. In some countries, such as Spain, UK and Hollland, even gay marriage is permitted.

The title of the film refers to the fact that most members of Italian Parliament who do not accept common-law couples have live-in partners without being married, but as members of the government they enjoy the same rights as married couples...

Their documentary has been published by CARTA, the publisher of MANIFESTO, a left-wing newspaper who is risking bankruptcy. 

Luna and Sara's is a collaborative self-portrait. They have followed my directions on relationship self-portraits.

Addition on October 2, 2013:  

Last year Luna went through a very serious deficiency on her kidneys, and a transplant followed. She photographed herself during the whole one-year experience, and her work "Connected to self-life and re-life" will be shown at the Social Photo Fest in Perugia next November, and it has been nominated to the IPA Awards 2013.