My friend Jose Aguirre is CEO and partner
at Bestiario,, a multi-awarded information technology company
based in Barcelona and Lisbon, dedicated to data dynamic representation and to
the creation of digital spaces for the collective creation of knowledge. They
combine art and science to design and create interactive information spaces.
They developed a powerful framework based on graph theory, topological
algorithms, physic models, geometrical and geographical representations. Three
years ago he met Santiago and Andres Ortiz, matematician and architect, and
cousins from Colombia and, amazed at their talent and capacities, they built
Bestiario. Aguirre is an intuitive and passionate manager. In three years
he has managed to get several international awards for Bestiario and is present
in all international art-and-technology fairs.

Aguirre loved my self-portrait project
and helped me with advice and top connections in Spain, which have brought me
several jobs already. I asked him to try it himself. He said “If you want
me to try, you’ll have to give me at least three sessions…”. I agreed,
so these are our COLLABORATIVE SELF-PORTRAITS. We disagreed all the time on the
choice of the works of art, but anyhow it was great to work with him.


I love this last image (below). Aguirre cares a
lot about his public image and it was hard for him to let go of control.. but
here he is completely relaxed and concentrated on his inner life, though still
strong in his determination to affirm his existence and accept himself